To maintain the confidentiality of the patients, RS does not review the records. Our procedure for processing records is:

  • confirm the type of record requested has been received such as certified medical records & the itemized bills,
  • count the pages to insure the certification is correct,
  • convert all two sided pages to single sided & insure the certification includes all pages
  • pursue any missing items
  • make the requested copies
  • mail records to all parties who requested them
  • follow up on any missing items determined by the client after dissection of the chart


Client confidentiality

  • RS has no knowledge of any case beyond basic information to obtain records.
  • RS will only contact the opposing counsel with the permission of the ordering client
  • RS will never discuss their limited knowledge of the case
  • RS has no invested interest in the outcome of a case and works both sides of the bar
  • RS will sign a confidentiality agreement if requested