Record Retrieval FAQs


1.) Once I place an order, how long will it take to receive my order?

Generally, turnaround time averages 7-30 business days. The turnaround time varies as it is largely dependent on provider cooperation. The RS advantage is in our efficient proprietary processes, our good relationships with our providers, swift payment of fees, our comprehensive data base and our consistent follow up calls to ensure the fastest possible retrieval time for our clients.


2.) How do I track the status of the records I ordered?

Record Solutions is always available to client via email. Our clients simply send an email and have a status within minutes. Record Solutions makes it a priority to keep our customers well informed of the status of an order.


3.) How much do you charge for “expedited” orders?

At Record Solutions we consider all orders as “expedited”, however there is a $20.00 fee for “rush” orders when records are needed immediately for mediation, discovery deadlines, scheduled IME, etc. “Rush” orders take priority over other orders when received. If the order is a Non-Party request, RS will work with the opposing counsel asking for a waiver of the 15 day waiting period so the requests can be served immediately. “Rush” requests are filed separately and attended to daily. RS also works closely with the providers for “rush” requests making payments by phone or mailing checks immediately to expedite the mailing of the records. Many providers will mail records to RS without payment in advance because of our high standing with them.


4.) How are my records sent to me?

Once records are received, checked for accuracy and labeled, they are sent to our customers in the format of their choosing. RS can provide a paper copy, a CD in pdf format or upload the records electronically via our secure server for easy access to the client.


5.) Where do I get the necessary authorization forms to place an order?

Record Solutions has a HIPAA compliant authorization available to all clients as well as the provider’s authorization for any provider who requires their own authorization be signed to release records. If a client wishes to use their own authorization we ask that it states to release records to Record Solutions on behalf of their firm. If RS is not listed in the authorization we will supply a letter of representation to be signed by the ordering firm that instructs the provider to release records to RS on their behalf.

Non-Party Request for Production
Record Solutions has a standard template for Non-Party Request for Production/Subpoena Duces Tecum. All new clients are presented with a copy of the template to review, make changes or approve. Each attorney can determine the language of the Non-Party Request for Production/Subpoena Duces Tecum. This document is saved for the individual client and used for all cases sent by the attorney. RS has scopes for a multitude of provider types to be used in the template document.


6.) How does your billing work?

Invoices will be sent to the client with the copy of each set of records. RS can send the invoice electronically if the records are sent electronically. RS can also invoice adjuster’s directly for defense cases. If requested, the records are sent to the ordering attorney but the invoice is sent directly to the adjuster. Each individual set of records will have its individual invoice. Each invoice will include the Basic fee, the facility fee with a copy of the provider’s invoice attached so it can be verified, any additional copies made to be paid for by the ordering client and postage fees based on the weight of the individual set of records.


7.) Who do I contact if I have any problems or questions?

If a client has questions or problems they wish to discuss they simply email one of the three managers. Karla,, Anita, , or Kaity, The client will receive a response immediately. The same process is followed for a status of the order.