Shannon – 07/05/06 – Legal Data/Document Specialist

Shannon began working for Record Solutions in July 2006. My first memory of Shannon is her determination to secure her job with RS. Through her resolve she was hired. I have witnessed Shannon grow as a person, mother and employee over the past eight years. She was hired with no experience but has blossomed into an expert. I depend on Shannon to process all documents needed for the new orders such as; non-party requests for production, notices of intent, authorizations, affidavits of no records, certifications, and any other document required for a case. Shannon also processes the records for mailing and reviews my invoicing to eliminate errors. Shannon is so detail oriented and meticulous I have complete confidence in her capabilities. I am so impressed with all Shannon has learned and perfected since she began with Record Solutions.


Nina – 07/05/07 – Organizational Specialist

Nina started with Record Solutions in July 2007. During the interview process Anita and I saw potential in Nina even though she had no office experience. Nina is a very determined quiet young woman who keeps Record Solutions organized.   She has the challenging task of processing all incoming faxes and mail on a daily basis. Nina is also responsible for processing outgoing mail, serving all new orders, sending cancelations letters to providers for canceled orders, sending motion to compel information to the client, answering incoming calls, compiling office supply orders, data entry and filing. Nina works diligently and gracefully everyday to keep the office organized and work flowing properly. Nina does a tremendous job of maintaining organization that is paramount for a business like Record Solutions.


Kaity – 4/13/2009 – Vice President/Research Manager/Production Manager

Kaity began working for Record Solutions as casual labor in the fall of 2008. In April 2009 she was hired full time. Kaity researches new orders (yes, she is the one who finds those misplaced doctors) and she manages the production department. She is the liaison for problem providers and works directly with clients and opposing counsels. In 2013 Kaity became Vice President of Record Solutions and is learning every aspects of the business. Kaity has a remarkably instinctive understanding of the concept of record retrieval management.

Andy – 09/18/2017 – Production Specialist

Rebekah was hired in January 2011. She is responsible for processing all the records received. Her position is extremely important because she produces Record Solutions’ finished product. Rebekah, following each client’s preferences, meticulously counts the pages and in some cases bate stamps each page, scans the records, burns them to CDs, and makes copies for all who have requested them. She insures the certification matches the page count and verifies we have received all that we have requested. Rebekah contacts the provider to obtain any missing items or corrected certifications. The production position requires patience, discipline and diligence which describe her perfectly. Rebekah has done an extraordinary job of learning all the idiosyncrasies of her position and processing the records into a professionally packaged product that represents the highest standards of Record Solutions.

Jenny – Communications Specialist

Jenny started with Record Solutions in November 2012. Jenny’s main focus is to make follow up calls to the providers after a request has been served. She implemented her astonishing communication skills and has become the “voice of Record Solutions”! Jenny’s ability to communicate in a pleasant and professional manner has been instrumental in receiving records in a timely fashion and maintaining solid relationships with providers. Jenny also processes fee payments, works on filing, data entry and special projects. She has changed the communications department for the better and is a true asset to Record Solutions.