Karla J. Painter, owner of Record Solutions, LLC, learned the process of “record retrieval” as Operations Manager for the company who introduced the concept to Indiana. The company consisted of the owner, his wife and Karla so she learned every aspect of the discovery process.

She marketed the idea to previous clients with whom she had established relationships and many began using the service. As time passed clients reported mistrust of the company and Karla also witnessed business decisions that made her feel uncomfortable. After a year of employment she realized her devotion was displaced. She made attempts to communicate with the owner but her ideas were not welcomed. Karla soon realized she could no longer represent this company and decided to investigate opening a service of her own.

The service of “record retrieval” was revolutionary. She visualized a process that would transform this brilliant concept into a viable service. Karla communicated her ideas to a knowledgeable friend and together they designed a computer program that would create, organize and track orders. She purchased a desk, a computer, a business telephone/fax line, rented a copier/printer, created a company name and filed articles of incorporation. November 1, 2000, Record Solutions, LLC, opened for business as a home office operated by one woman.

Karla worked every facet of the business for four years. Her system of processing orders and producing records had proven its efficiency. She did not concentrate on marketing, yet RS continued to grow. One office would tell another about Record Solutions. Referrals confirmed the quality and reliability of her work as well as the need for this service.
The time came when the orders became too voluminous for one person to handle competently. Anita was hired to share Karla’s home office. Within months of hiring Anita, one of the largest insurance companies in the country contacted Record Solutions. A paralegal with the staff counsel office remembered Karla’s efficiency with her previous employer and contacted her. Adding this new client instigated hiring additional staff, renting office space and a new level of operations.

Record Solutions has continued growth each year. Record Solutions’ client list continues to increase as the result of the quality of work, fair business practices, personal attention and devotion to clients. The vision of one woman in conjunction with the hard work, determination and integrity of seven women working together produced an innovative company that has revolutionized the Indiana document retrieval management industry.